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Improved governance, new business creation, and increasing investment has led to tremendous growth in Africa. Africa’s next generation of entrepreneurs, business people, technicians, and politicians are ready to participate in this story.  But, to do so, these leaders need access to higher education through affordable financing options.

We are investing in the most promising students who wish to attend university or technical training programs across Africa. Using predictive analytics and credit assessment tools, Student Finance Africa’s lending programs assist young people and their families to obtain financial support for education when they need it and to pay it back when they can.

  • Let SFA Help You Access Your Future

    Student Finance Africa or SFA is Africa’s first dedicated private higher education student loan company. We lend to students who wish to pursue post-secondary education, and to the parents of those students. We provide access to loans to make education more affordable and thus easier to obtain.

How SFA Works

We partner with leading institutions across Africa that have proven track records
in educating leaders and supporting students to find employment. Our competitive program works like this:



Students who are accepted into one of our partner programs can automatically apply for a competitive loan; if you don’t see your program in our list, let us know!


Selection & Funding

Using predictive analytics and credit assessment tools, our process identifies eligible loan candidates. Upon approval, students also have access to financial education, mentorship opportunities, career advice and the opportunity to become an SFA scholar.



Students and their cosigners can defer the majority of repayment until the student is gainfully employed.

  •  The SFA Team

    To meet the higher educational financing challenge our founder and CEO, Jennifer R. White, has assembled a core team of African and international experts in capital markets, data analytics and business strategy with over 30 years of combined experience.  We have seen the challenges of accessing finance in Africa.

    The SFA team has worked across Africa on behalf of global institutions including governments, businesses, foundations and development institutions including the Gates Foundation, Citigroup, African governments, USAID and multinational businesses.

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If you are interested in learning more about Student Finance Africa, please contact us at info@studentfinanceafrica.com.

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